National Blog Lines - December 7, 2016

Scott Garrett (R-NJ)-- The Ultimate Sore Loser

Down with Tyranny: 12/07/16 08:26 pm

Pearl Harbor coverage, as it would have looked had there been iPad apps in 1941

Brad Warthen: 12/07/16 08:10 pm

Tweet I enjoyed this thing that The Wall Street Journal did this morning. They did a mock home page for their app consisting of actual stories that ran in the paper on Dec. 8, 1941. Here are links to...

Fidel Castro: The homophobe who brutalized Cuba’s LGBT community

Babalu: 12/07/16 06:31 pm


Wolfe Reports: 12/07/16 05:49 pm

Repeal, Replace, Delay, Disgrace

Vibinc: 12/07/16 05:30 pm

Once upon a time Lamar! said Obamacare repeal could take a really long time. Looks like he's singing with the rest of his GOP choir now.

Obama’s message when he sends officials to Cuba for Fidel Castro’s funeral but skips Margaret Th

Babalu: 12/07/16 05:01 pm

‘The Perils of Empathy?’

Brad Warthen: 12/07/16 04:37 pm

TweetThe other day, I mentioned the effort to make SC roads safer in the name of Glenn Forrest Rabon, Jr., a young man who was killed on a road that everyone had known needed an upgrade. I neither en...

Re. the belated concession of NC Gov. "Puppet Pat" McCrory: Good riddance to bad r

Down with Tyranny: 12/07/16 04:02 pm


Wolfe Reports: 12/07/16 03:46 pm

Trump Snags $50 Billion and 50,000 Jobs from Japanese Investor Because HE Won!

Mike's America: 12/07/16 03:21 pm

Would not have made the investment if Hillary had been elected!\n\nIn the wake of the Carrier decision to maintain over 1,000 mostly union jobs in Indiana, jobs Obama said were lost for good unless you...

Reports from Cuba: ‘El Sexto’ moved to a criminal prosecution center

Babalu: 12/07/16 03:01 pm

Establishment Republicans Rally Around Alan Wilson

FITS News: 12/07/16 02:56 pm

SC Speaker Sidesteps House Committee Battle

FITS News: 12/07/16 02:34 pm

Lindsey Graham Still Driving Liberal Agenda In DC

FITS News: 12/07/16 02:15 pm

Once AGAIN our CA household pension debt soars. Make it stop!

Flash Report (CA): 12/07/16 01:19 pm

Four days ago I posted here the dramatic increase in the California per household debt imposed by underfunded state and local pension guarantees.  Using the “market pension” earnings expe...

《泉麻那/桜りお/つばさ/早川メアリー 》ドむっつりスケベ淫女黒今時ギャ

Wolfe Reports: 12/07/16 01:07 pm

Fidel in hell – Part II

Babalu: 12/07/16 01:01 pm

Bob Englehart in Cagle:

Trump Will Have Vast Powers As President. Thanks, Democrats.

Down with Tyranny: 12/07/16 12:32 pm

Shocking! Time Magazine ranks Castrogonia as one of top 5 worst dictatorships on earth

Babalu: 12/07/16 12:30 pm


Wolfe Reports: 12/07/16 11:26 am


States in the Squeeze


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