National Blog Lines - April 28, 2017


Wolfe Reports: 04/28/17 02:03 pm

Heritage Foundation: Is Jim DeMint About To Be Ousted?

FITS News: 04/28/17 01:34 pm

ESTABLISHMENT THINK TANK SHAKEUP? Former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint appears to be on the verge of being ousted from the so-called “conservative” Heritage Foundation think tank. Accordin...

Cuba’s high-fashion repression

Babalu: 04/28/17 01:01 pm


GOP Pulls Obamacare Repeal Bill (Again)

FITS News: 04/28/17 12:47 pm

“MODERATES” SINK LATEST PARTIAL REPEAL BID … A partial Obamacare repeal bill was unable to attract sufficient “Republican” support this week – with so-called &#...

Warning To Establishment Democrats-- Working Families Party Triumphs In Connecticut House Ra

Down with Tyranny: 04/28/17 12:00 pm


Wolfe Reports: 04/28/17 11:15 am

Two activists promoting free elections in Cuba arrested by apartheid Castro dictatorship

Babalu: 04/28/17 11:00 am

1Q 2017 GDP: The Economy Is Tanking

FITS News: 04/28/17 10:40 am

EMBARRASSING ECONOMIC “GROWTH …” The American economy expanded at an embarrassingly low 0.7 percent clip during the first quarter of 2017.  That’s according to the initial &#...

Photo of the Day – Cuban American baseball star Yasiel Puig joins ‘El Sexto’ in celebrating Fi

Babalu: 04/28/17 10:01 am

H/T Diario de Cuba

Violent repression in Venezuela worsens as Cuban-controlled dictatorship murders another peacefu

Babalu: 04/28/17 09:01 am

NFL Draft Picks Graded

FITS News: 04/28/17 08:39 am

ANALYSTS RESPOND TO SELECTION OF CLEMSON STARS … Clemson University made all sorts of history at the NFL draft in Philadelphia this week. The selections of Mike Williams (No. 7 – Los ...

Most disgusting book of the year (thus far): Cardinal Ortega boasts about his betrayal of th

Babalu: 04/28/17 08:01 am

Will Ryan Make His Members Walk The Plank For TrumpCare 3.0 Today? Tomorrow?

Down with Tyranny: 04/28/17 08:00 am

Mike Williams Picked No. 7 By Los Angeles

FITS News: 04/28/17 07:42 am

CHARGERS GRAB CLEMSON WIDE RECEIVER … Clemson University wide receiver Mike Williams was chosen by the Los Angeles Chargers with the No. 7 pick of the 2017 NFL draft.  He’s the first dra...


Wolfe Reports: 04/28/17 06:27 am

Nikki Haley “Fitted For Choke Collar”

FITS News: 04/28/17 06:26 am

UN AMBASSADOR FINALLY GETS REINED IN … Earlier this month we wrote a lengthy column suggesting that the administration of Donald Trump “put a leash” on its ambassador to the United N...


Wolfe Reports: 04/28/17 05:51 am

【 盗撮動画 】和式便所で可愛い女の子達が太いウンコする姿を神アング

Wolfe Reports: 04/28/17 05:49 am


Wolfe Reports: 04/28/17 02:04 am


Wolfe Reports: 04/28/17 01:04 am


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