National Blog Lines - April 24, 2018


Wolfe Reports: 04/24/18 08:54 pm

衝撃解禁! 黒人デカマラ肉弾FUCK 君島みお

Wolfe Reports: 04/24/18 08:49 pm

I’d have been a Democrat in FDR’s day. And I liked Ike, too

Brad Warthen: 04/24/18 08:06 pm

TweetI saved this comment from Richard to enlarge upon in a separate post: Why are you so concerned about Democrats winning? You’ve stated you aren’t a Democrat. That’s right, I’m not....


Wolfe Reports: 04/24/18 08:04 pm

Fire At Lee Correctional Institution

FITS News: 04/24/18 07:01 pm

Lee Correctional Institution – the site of a deadly brawl earlier this month – experienced a minor fire on Tuesday evening. Fortunately, the incident was reportedly confined to one cell &#...

How Many Times Did The Russian Hookers Putin Sent Trump Pee On Him? New Proof

Down with Tyranny: 04/24/18 07:00 pm

Donald and Emmanuel, sittin’ in a tree…

Brad Warthen: 04/24/18 05:28 pm

TweetHuh…. I was hearing on the radio about how fond of each other Trump and Macron are, and it sounded like the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while. I mean… Trump is the wal...

Hartsville SC Gambling Bust: Guilty Plea

FITS News: 04/24/18 05:17 pm

A South Carolina man pleaded guilty this week to running a gambling operation out of a home in Hartsville, S.C., according to the office of state attorney general Alan Wilson. Christopher H. Witherspo...

Pressure cookers, black beans, and Tarzan: Growing up Cuban American in Little Havana

Babalu: 04/24/18 05:01 pm

Reports from Cuba: We have a president (or a puppet)

Babalu: 04/24/18 03:30 pm

#SC2018: Henry McMaster Set To Launch First TV Ad

FITS News: 04/24/18 03:17 pm

Incumbent "Republican" betting his reelection on his proximity to Donald Trump ...


Wolfe Reports: 04/24/18 03:15 pm

Special Elections: AZ-08 Today, TX-27... Sometime

Down with Tyranny: 04/24/18 03:00 pm

リピート率120%!巷でウワサのヤレるメイド喫茶へようこそ! 羽咲みはる

Wolfe Reports: 04/24/18 02:52 pm

SC Prison Fight Clubs Captured On Video

FITS News: 04/24/18 02:07 pm

Clip highlights epidemic of violence behind bars in the Palmetto State ...

Hey, it’s Saint Fidel’s feast day!

Babalu: 04/24/18 02:01 pm

Cuba’s dictator Raul Castro shows off his newest toy

Babalu: 04/24/18 12:38 pm


Jim Clyburn: Democrats Must Retake US House … Or Else

FITS News: 04/24/18 12:07 pm

Uber-liberal national Democratic leader Jim Clyburn says his party must retake the U.S. Congress in 2018 … or else. “If we’re still in the minority (after the November elections)...

#SC2018: RGA Bashes James Smith For Ducking Debate

FITS News: 04/24/18 11:09 am

Picking up patterns in the Palmetto State's gubernatorial primary campaigns ...

Despite a new ‘president,’ the Castro era in Cuba is far from over

Babalu: 04/24/18 11:01 am


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