National Blog Lines - June 22, 2017

Donald Trump and Barack Obama on social media today

Brad Warthen: 06/22/17 04:39 pm

TweetLet’s do a little compare-and-contrast. Today, Senate Republicans released their health-care proposal, which apparently is almost, but not quite, entirely like the abominable Ho...

Whither Thou Goest, Sean Spicer?

Down with Tyranny: 06/22/17 04:00 pm

#ProbeGate Ruling: Will “Quinndom” Prevail?

FITS News: 06/22/17 03:15 pm

BIG DECISION COMING … There’s a major ruling coming out this week in connection with #ProbeGate – the ongoing criminal investigation into corruption in South Carolina state governmen...

Reports from Cuba: Socialism is a bad bet

Babalu: 06/22/17 03:00 pm

Trump Drops Bomb on Castro Regime and its U.S.-based agents

Babalu: 06/22/17 02:33 pm

2017 Legislative Overview

Nathan's News: 06/22/17 02:26 pm

Written by the House Research Office as a summary of major legislation enacted this year. The overview does not refer to the budget provisions that have been vetoed by the Governor During the first ye...

Imprisoned Cuban dissident Jorge Cervantes hospitalized on 29th day of hunger strike

Babalu: 06/22/17 02:21 pm


Wolfe Reports: 06/22/17 01:26 pm


Wolfe Reports: 06/22/17 12:52 pm

Layoffs At Boeing SC

FITS News: 06/22/17 12:51 pm

“THERE MAY BE MORE TO COME” Crony capitalist aircraft manufacturer Boeing is shedding as many as 200 workers from its North Charleston, South Carolina facility – citing the need to r...

Some people "would rather have 1st Class seats on the Titanic than change the course of the

Down with Tyranny: 06/22/17 12:46 pm

Intrepid reporter: Avoid floating masses of fire ants

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy: 06/22/17 11:09 am

Can this takeover of Allendale schools make the difference?

Brad Warthen: 06/22/17 11:04 am

TweetAllendale County schools are known for a number of things, none of which is excellence. The dysfunction starts at the top. Back in the ’90s, a school board member was accused of pulling a ...

Aaaaay! Hellish images from the past.

Babalu: 06/22/17 11:02 am


Wolfe Reports: 06/22/17 09:11 am

Perfect swimsuit for Cuban apartheid beaches

Babalu: 06/22/17 09:05 am

Is unrest in Venenozuela reaching a tipping point?

Babalu: 06/22/17 08:45 am

Georgia Special Election: Robert Cahaly Called It

FITS News: 06/22/17 08:29 am

POLLSTER STRIKES AGAIN … We’ve written previously on the incredible back story of Atlanta-based political strategist Robert Cahaly – whose unconventional polling methods continue to confound the left-leaning mainstream media and their unreliable, purchased surveys. There’s no such thing as a crystal ball in politics, but Cahaly’s polls for the...

TrumpCare 3.0-- The Senate Version Is Even Worse!

Down with Tyranny: 06/22/17 08:26 am

“La misma pelicula de siempre”: Dems win polls, GOP win elections

Babalu: 06/22/17 08:00 am


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