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New, legal(?) method for millions of people to avoid paying sales tax

Flash Report (CA): 07/22/17 02:08 pm

Did you serve in the military and receive an honorable discharge?  Or did a family member?  It now appears you can avoid paying sales tax on many purchases, because you now have online access to the...

A puzzler: Why are ND and CO the two best employment states?

Flash Report (CA): 07/21/17 04:02 pm

Here’s a puzzler: The new (June) state unemployment figures are out, and two states are tied for the lowest rate of only 2.3% — North Dakota and Colorado.

Melissa Melendez – Woman of Courage

Flash Report (CA): 07/21/17 03:49 pm

I don’t take enough time to say something positive when it needs to be said. Too often, I am quick to criticize, slow to praise, or too distracted with my every day life to notice and applaud tr...

CA GOP Swamp Sells Out to Dems on Corrupt Cap and Trade

Flash Report (CA): 07/19/17 03:03 am

As the California Legislature voted Monday to extend the corrupt Cap and Trade taxing and regulatory program by 10 years, eight turncoat Republican legislators voted with the Democrats. They received ...


Flash Report (CA): 07/17/17 04:04 am

Today is supposedly the day that Governor Brown, Senate President DeLeon, and Speaker Rendon will press for an up or down vote to renew the state’s controversial and draconian Cap and Trade program....

California “food stamp” administrative cost is 169% higher than national average

Flash Report (CA): 07/17/17 01:18 am

I found a new category where California is once again a winner!  In its fashion. The federal “food stamp” program (now called SNAP) is federally funded but administered by the sta...

The resignation speech that Donald Trump SHOULD give (but won’t)

Flash Report (CA): 07/14/17 12:53 am

RIDER NOTE: I’ve prepared for President Trump the resignation speech I’d love for him to deliver. I’m sure he’ll give it serious consideration. MY FELLOW AMERICANS I’ve ...

Cap and Trade – Corporate shell games and environmentalist chest-beating

Flash Report (CA): 07/10/17 04:36 am

In 2006, on virtually a party-line vote, the Democrat controlled Legislature passed Assembly Bill 32, the pompous sounding “California Global Warming Solutions Act.” Then-Governor Schwarze...

SD29 Recall Election: Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker Declares Senate Candidacy

Flash Report (CA): 07/09/17 12:39 am

*Exclusive Breaking News* Today my friend Bruce Whitaker, Mayor of the city of Fullerton, reached out to me to share some news — he has officially decided to run as a candidate on the replacemen...

Top two primary makes recruiting GOP candidates tougher — and puts Lady Luck in charge

Flash Report (CA): 07/03/17 09:25 am

It sounded so nice. The top performing candidates, regardless of party, would move past the primary to the general election. “The people” would be empowered to choose the candidates they like best...

Radical Feminists Troll Rep. McClintock, Then Claim Victimhood

Flash Report (CA): 06/29/17 12:40 am

Recently radical activists forced California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock to need police escorts out of district town hall meetings when things turned violent. Yet in another hit piece on McClintock Wedn...

Has “Enron” corruption returned to California’s electricity system?

Flash Report (CA): 06/27/17 01:18 pm

Below is a bizarre story from the LA TIMES.  Cal-ISO, the government body that oversees our California electrical grid system, put out a bogus warning during this recent hot period, warning resid...

GREAT investment in this hot California weather — GUARANTEED!

Flash Report (CA): 06/26/17 05:59 pm

As we Californians endure our annual summer hot spells, let me give you the most cost-effective strategy for keeping cool (and saving A/C costs).  It works especially well if you live wit...

What citizen taxpayers should know about the California budget

Flash Report (CA): 06/26/17 04:11 am

California voters are pretty good at figuring out what is going in the state capital when it hits them directly. For example, recent polling shows that citizen awareness of the $5.2 billion annual gas...

CA is now GIVING away electricity to AZ. Actually WORSE than just giving it away.

Flash Report (CA): 06/25/17 04:01 pm

I first wrote about this California solar problem over two years ago. While talking with a local electric utility manager, he quietly informed me that, with the increasing solar power trend in 2014, w...

Senate Health Bill is Real Progress — Cruz Pushing to Make It Better

Flash Report (CA): 06/22/17 08:02 pm

Republicans in Congress are moving forward to fulfilling the promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare.  The work performed by Senate Republicans revealed this week represents another step in the ...

Both Sides Aren’t Violent

Flash Report (CA): 06/21/17 12:17 am

Free speech is under assault in America. And in California, free speech is being bushwhacked. People are attacked just for having patriotic bumper stickers on their cars. Trump supporters who attend r...

San Diego city can’t find enough police applicants — unlike EVERY other city in the county

Flash Report (CA): 06/20/17 07:39 pm

An article in the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE details the hiring and retention problems of my San Diego city police department.  These problems ARE real, but explainable — and solvable.  SDPD ...

Recall effort stymied by Sacramento

Flash Report (CA): 06/19/17 04:23 am

Members of the California Legislature apparently believe they have the power to change outcomes they don’t like. This is like awarding the NBA Championship to Cleveland by retroactively mandating th...

The Left Is Rotting From Within

Flash Report (CA): 06/14/17 05:36 pm

There is great evil afoot in this country. The left is imploding before our very eyes. But it is a rot from within, and it is self-imposed. The Democrat Party has no substantive platform any longe...


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