National Blog Lines - January 12, 2018

Trump’s Phony Support for Iran’s Popular Protests

Down with Tyranny: 01/12/18 11:00 pm

metro flyer brampton

Politics of Jamie Sanderson: 01/12/18 09:49 pm

You Want Another CEO As President? How About A Celebrity CEO?

Down with Tyranny: 01/12/18 08:00 pm

【VR】大人の保育園 香苗レノン

Wolfe Reports: 01/12/18 06:37 pm

Don't Expect Trump To Help Fix Russian Electoral Meddling

Down with Tyranny: 01/12/18 04:01 pm

Cuban dissident on hunger strike sent to hospital

Babalu: 01/12/18 03:58 pm

Is the Castro dictatorship also targeting Cuban dissidents with sonic attacks?

Babalu: 01/12/18 02:40 pm

Announcement: Exiled Cuban dissidents announce press conference for January 16 in Miami

Babalu: 01/12/18 01:56 pm

One year ago today the Obama Administration closed the door to Cuban trafficking victims

Babalu: 01/12/18 01:00 pm

Lindsey Graham Challenged Donald Trump On Alleged Immigration Remark

FITS News: 01/12/18 12:58 pm

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is being praised by Democrats for standing up to president Donald Trump after the latter allegedly referred to Haiti and several African nations as “...

Tribute to Talking Heads band offering fans a propaganda tour to Cuba

Babalu: 01/12/18 12:15 pm

SLED Chief Mark Keel: Medical Marijuana Bill A Poison Apple

FITS News: 01/12/18 12:09 pm

Dear Editor, First, let me thank you for the opportunity to share the concerns of the law enforcement community in South Carolina about the notion of dispensing marijuana to treat certain conditions. ...

FL-11-- Is Taliban Dan's Day Of Reckoning Nigh?

Down with Tyranny: 01/12/18 12:00 pm

Video of the day: Fidel’s rock on its way to the cemetery

Babalu: 01/12/18 11:34 am

Update on Paris honoring the bloodthirsty, psychopathic killer Che Guevara

Babalu: 01/12/18 11:01 am

Castro Ministry of Truth scores victory number 723,987,436,808

Babalu: 01/12/18 10:41 am

SC Attorney General Opinion: Municipal Gun Restrictions Invalid

FITS News: 01/12/18 10:11 am

South Carolina attorney general Alan Wilson’s office issued an opinion late last month affirming the primacy of state law over local law when it comes to the regulation of firearms. In an opinion da...

Venezuelans drown while fleeing their hellish Castro colony

Babalu: 01/12/18 09:00 am

You Ain’t Seen a SH*THOLE COUNTRY till you see Castro’s Cuba (says Haitian visitor to Cuba

Babalu: 01/12/18 08:57 am

#NukeGate: SC State House Abuzz Over Rumors Of Another Deal

FITS News: 01/12/18 08:51 am

A little over a month ago, this news site reported exclusively on rumors regarding the sale of Cayce, South Carolina-based crony capitalist energy provider SCANA.  The two companies referenced i...


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