National Blog Lines - February 13, 2018

How Much Collusion? More Collusion Than Anyone Has Ever Seen Since Benedict Arnold... No, More Than

Down with Tyranny: 02/13/18 11:00 pm

"Attende Domine"

Sunlit Uplands: 02/13/18 11:00 pm

Commercial vs. Residential Property Taxes Under Prop 13

Flash Report (CA): 02/13/18 10:09 pm

There are some MAJOR misconceptions about the effect of Proposition 13 on commercial property taxes. Below are some revealing facts, exposing several liberal canards in this area.  And these facts ar...

Quinn sentence highlights need for voter restitution law

SC Progressives: 02/13/18 09:47 pm

Live By The Poll, Die By The Poll-- The Wave Is Coming Anyway. Look What Happened In Florida

Down with Tyranny: 02/13/18 07:07 pm

即ハメ×潮吹き×ポルチオ 大情熱SEX 永井みひな

Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 06:31 pm

Socialism in America introduced by regulatory fiat

Babalu: 02/13/18 05:01 pm

Mount Pleasant Attorney Jailed On Obstruction Charge

FITS News: 02/13/18 04:51 pm

An attorney in the South Carolina Lowcountry was arrested on Tuesday and charged with obstructing justice in connection with a 2017 drug bust in North Charleston, S.C. Melisa White Gay, 55, of Mount P...

営業部長の湿ったパンスト 香西咲

Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 04:41 pm

Tom Davis Proposes $60 Million Parental Choice Bill

FITS News: 02/13/18 04:24 pm

In the current fiscal year, South Carolina’s “Republican-controlled” General Assembly is shelling out an estimated $11.7 billion on the worst government-run school system in ...

Obama portrait: Is this modern? Do you LIKE this?

Brad Warthen: 02/13/18 03:59 pm

Tweet I’m still kinda buggin’ in reaction to the Obama portrait unveiled yesterday. As I said on Twitter last night: The new Obama portraits remind me of what the befuddled emperor said in...

US Kills Hundreds Of Russian Mercenaries In Syria

FITS News: 02/13/18 03:33 pm

More than 200 mercenaries – most of them Russians – were killed during a failed attack on a military base near Deir al-Zour, Syria this week, Bloomberg News is reporting. The base was ...

An Open Letter to Conferences of Catholic Bishops across the World

Sunlit Uplands: 02/13/18 03:18 pm

Reports from Cuba: When I was inmate No. 60

Babalu: 02/13/18 03:01 pm

Yesterday He Was A Republican State Senator; Today's He's A Democrat-- And Running F

Down with Tyranny: 02/13/18 03:00 pm

Trumps Immigration Proposal--Lying Dems Keep Saying He Has None

A Watauga Conservative: 02/13/18 02:39 pm

Dr. Akil Ross – next Director of Secondary Education

Nathan's News: 02/13/18 01:57 pm

For full article from the District’s web page, click here. IRMO – Dr. Akil Ross has been named Lexington-Richland School District Five’s next Director of Secondary Education. Ross has se...

#SC2018: John Warren Draws Bead On Santee Cooper

FITS News: 02/13/18 01:29 pm

In his first policy foray as a candidate for elected office, Upstate South Carolina businessman John Warren took direct aim at the Palmetto State’s government-run energy industry – vo...

お尻大好きしょう太くんのHなイタズラ 舞島あかり

Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 01:09 pm

Day by day, the youth flee Cuba’s Venezuela

Babalu: 02/13/18 01:01 pm



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