National Blog Lines - February 13, 2018

Day by day, the youth flee Cuba’s Venezuela

Babalu: 02/13/18 01:01 pm


Joshua Putnam Goes After Secretary Of State Over Taxpayer-Funded Ads

FITS News: 02/13/18 12:32 pm

South Carolina state representative Joshua Putnam announced his intention to file an ethics complaint this week against incumbent “Republican” secretary of state Mark Hammond. The basis o...

Hey, y’all — what’s with the blue bar on File Explorer window?

Brad Warthen: 02/13/18 11:34 am

Tweet See the window from File Explorer above. Then see the one below. Why does the one below have a blue bar across the top? This seems to happen at random. Ever since about the time I started using ...

#ProbeGate: Fallout

FITS News: 02/13/18 11:25 am

This week’s news that former state representative Rick Quinn had escaped jail time in connection with his role in the ongoing #ProbeGate investigation hit the South Carolina political landscape like...

Long Before Trump Took Over The Party, The FlimFlam Man Was Turning The GOP Into The FlimFlam Party

Down with Tyranny: 02/13/18 11:03 am

SPECIAL BULLETIN!–“U.S. Media swoons over Korean Communist dictator at Olympics!” (NO?! Yo

Babalu: 02/13/18 11:02 am

The mainstream media’s love affair with murderous communist dictatorships is not new

Babalu: 02/13/18 11:01 am


Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 10:43 am

A call to action to bring freedom and democracy to Cuba from Rosa Maria Paya and Cuba Decide

Babalu: 02/13/18 09:30 am

Scariest video of the day: perfect robot for totalitarian regimes

Babalu: 02/13/18 09:15 am

  Ay! Click on the video above. Imagine robots like these in the hands of anyone who wants to silence you. Imagine versions more advanced than these prototypes. Coming soon, to a totalitarian hel...

Robert Romano: The United States Is Going Broke

FITS News: 02/13/18 09:01 am

"All this bipartisanship sure is getting expensive ..."

SC Traffic Fatalities: Downward Trend Continues

FITS News: 02/13/18 08:52 am

After what appears to have been a substantial decline in 2017, traffic fatalities are dipping even further during the first six weeks of 2018. According to preliminary data published by the S.C. Depa...

Group To Tout SC Offshore Drilling Benefits

FITS News: 02/13/18 08:03 am

Supporters of offshore drilling will hold a briefing for members of the media in Columbia, South Carolina this week. A gathering of community and business leaders will “discuss the economic and ...

Cuba suddenly removes Josefina Vidal from her post as high-level spy and diplomat for U.S. relat

Babalu: 02/13/18 08:01 am

TX-32-- Why Lillian Salerno?

Down with Tyranny: 02/13/18 07:00 am

The little sister from hell

Babalu: 02/13/18 07:00 am


Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 05:52 am

【VR】酔いつぶれた同僚 桜井彩

Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 02:27 am

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

Down with Tyranny: 02/13/18 02:01 am

おっぱい密着パイズリソープ 最後はもの凄い挟射 君島みお

Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 01:50 am


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