National Blog Lines - February 13, 2018

Left Wing Media, Which Never Met A Genocidal Communist Tyrant They Didn't Like, Praises North Ko

Mike's America: 02/13/18 01:34 am

The left in the U.S. follows a simple rule: look the other way at crimes against humanity as long as those perpetrating it hate America as much as they do!\n\nSomething interesting happened at the...


Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 01:16 am

Rena 全力ちっぱい少女! あおいれな

Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 12:21 am

美少女と、貸し切り温泉と、濃密性交と。04 なんでもアリの一泊二日、お

Wolfe Reports: 02/13/18 12:09 am


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