National Blog Lines - March 13, 2018

How Funny Would It Be If The Utah Republicans Inadvertently Bared Their Own Candidates From The Ball

Down with Tyranny: 03/13/18 11:00 pm

12:01 a.m House gives budget Third Reading

Nathan's News: 03/13/18 10:44 pm

After 13.5 hours of debate Tuesday (and literally hundreds of roll-call votes yesterday and today), the House adjourned at 11pm to return at 12:01 am Wednesday for the required Third Readi...


Wolfe Reports: 03/13/18 09:18 pm

Randy Bryce Gets Some Time Off-- Kind Of

Down with Tyranny: 03/13/18 07:00 pm

超極上Wレズスカ解禁! 苑田あゆり 朝桐光

Wolfe Reports: 03/13/18 06:54 pm

Ted vs Beto in Texas

Babalu: 03/13/18 05:30 pm

Will Lewis Case: Delays Ahead

FITS News: 03/13/18 05:27 pm

Residents of Greenville County, South Carolina who are eager to see embattled sheriff Will Lewis suspended from office are going to have to wait a lot longer than they expected to see if that happens....

Gary Oldman Visits Hillsdale College

Sunlit Uplands: 03/13/18 05:27 pm

A forgotten dissident’s warning to the world to resist the deadly temptation of socialism

Babalu: 03/13/18 05:01 pm

#SC4: Cattle Call Continues

FITS News: 03/13/18 03:44 pm

Upstate social conservative Barry Bell is the latest to answer the cattle call for South Carolina’s fourth congressional district. “After much prayer, reflection and discussion with friend...

Does The DCCC Have Its Own Troll Farm?

Down with Tyranny: 03/13/18 03:27 pm

Reports from Cuba: Cubans don’t hold elections, they ratify the names on the ballot

Babalu: 03/13/18 03:01 pm

Today’s ‘Fake News’ has nothing on yesterday’s Yellow Journalism

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy: 03/13/18 02:59 pm

The abomination that is Daylight Savings Time

Brad Warthen: 03/13/18 01:49 pm

TweetI can’t let this week go by without mentioning the abomination which has yet again been visited upon us: When I got up in the dark for my morning working on this miserable Monday, my abidin...

John Warren Takes Hard Line On #NukeGate

FITS News: 03/13/18 01:38 pm

Candidate calls on gubernatorial opponents to return contributions from utilities ...

61 years ago today: the day Batista was almost killed

Babalu: 03/13/18 01:29 pm


Wolfe Reports: 03/13/18 01:18 pm

Will Trump’s firing of Rex Tillerson finally actually “cancel” Obama’s Cuba policy as promis

Babalu: 03/13/18 01:07 pm

A comfortable election win for Cuba’s communist party

Babalu: 03/13/18 01:01 pm

Santana in El Nuevo Herald: “So… Which political party ended up winning the election?” “The Communist Party, comfortably.”

West Florence School Saga Escalates

FITS News: 03/13/18 12:39 pm

Two more resignations ...


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