National Blog Lines - March 13, 2018

West Florence School Saga Escalates

FITS News: 03/13/18 12:39 pm

Two more resignations ...

Myrtle Beach Tourism Czar Eyes New Post

FITS News: 03/13/18 12:09 pm

The chief executive officer of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce (MBACC) is reportedly being eyed for a similar role at a much larger city. Brad Dean, hailed by his supporters as the a...

SCDJJ: The Status Quo Rolls On …

FITS News: 03/13/18 11:14 am

Another "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" state agency ...

Socialism not only causes physical misery, it will make you psychologically miserable as well

Babalu: 03/13/18 11:01 am

The House Intelligence Committee Republicans Screwed America. Can America Screw Them Back?

Down with Tyranny: 03/13/18 11:00 am


Wolfe Reports: 03/13/18 10:22 am

Catherine Templeton Pushes SC Tax Conformity

FITS News: 03/13/18 10:05 am

Candidate says governor, lawmakers must act or miss out on $1 billion in relief over the next five years ...

Despite claims by Castro supporters, ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba targeted American tourists and Cana

Babalu: 03/13/18 10:01 am

Trump Fires Sec. State Tillerson and Shuffles CIA/State Top Jobs. More Proof that Trump Will Make H

Mike's America: 03/13/18 09:58 am

Hopefully Pompeo will do a better job at draining the swamp at State!\n\n\nPresident Trump announced the firing of Secretary of State Tillerson  Tuesday morning in a tweet. The move had been...

After Blaming Election Loss on White Women Who Listen to Husbands, Hillary Needs TWO Men (Neithe

Mike's America: 03/13/18 09:37 am

A graphic reminder why we are better off with a strong leader like Trump. I can't imagine what the world would make of this if Hillary were President!\n\nHillary had another embarrassing episode in a...

United Nations complicit in extreme abuse of Cuban children

Babalu: 03/13/18 09:01 am

Rex Tillerson Fired

FITS News: 03/13/18 08:33 am

U.S. president Donald Trump has removed secretary of state Rex Tillerson from his job and replaced him with Mike Pompeo, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). “I am confiden...

SC Politics Gets Crabby

FITS News: 03/13/18 08:25 am

South Carolina policy council leader target of #CrabGate?

Cuba Decide: The results of the independent vote monitoring of Cuba’s fraudulent elections

Babalu: 03/13/18 08:01 am


Wolfe Reports: 03/13/18 07:53 am

Letter: About That School Walkout

FITS News: 03/13/18 07:44 am

"Bad parenting ..."

Winning In Red States With Marijuana Legalization

Down with Tyranny: 03/13/18 07:00 am


Wolfe Reports: 03/13/18 04:00 am

Saint John Cantius: Restoring the Sacred

Sunlit Uplands: 03/13/18 04:00 am

新・素人娘、お貸しします。 74 満島さおり

Wolfe Reports: 03/13/18 03:41 am


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