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Orestes “Minnie” Minoso belongs in the Hall of Fame

Babalu: 07/22/17 10:00 pm

WTH Moment of the Day – Scarface remake to be filmed in Atlanta, not Miami

Babalu: 07/22/17 05:01 pm

Photo of the Day: Is King Raul Minnie Pearl’s Latino Counterpart?

Babalu: 07/22/17 03:42 pm

Ay, que susto! Could King Raul be ready for a Lateeeeen-oh version of Hee Haw on Univision? Hurry up, Don Francisco, before some other sleazy Lateeeeen-oh show snaps him up first. You do know ...

Reports from Cuba: Without water in Havana

Babalu: 07/22/17 03:01 pm

Human rights in Cuba according to the UN: Dissidents get free healthcare after they are violently be

Babalu: 07/22/17 01:01 pm

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: “But later the Cuban government takes them to the hospital and treats them for free!”

Camilo Pascual: “El maestro de la curva”

Babalu: 07/22/17 01:00 pm

Mike Lowell talks about his family in Castro’s Cuba

Babalu: 07/22/17 12:00 pm

Trump’s new White House Communications Director not a friend to Cubans or freedom in Cuba

Babalu: 07/22/17 11:01 am

Video of the Day – Violent arrest of female Cuban dissident Ailer Gonzalez Mena caught on video

Babalu: 07/22/17 09:30 am

The 5th anniversary of the assassinations of Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero by Cuba’s Castro dicta

Babalu: 07/22/17 08:01 am

Reports from Cuba: Havana, nostalgia capital

Babalu: 07/21/17 02:58 pm

The 2018 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill and Cuba

Babalu: 07/21/17 02:08 pm

OAS Secretary: Cuba has an occupying Army in Venezuela

Babalu: 07/21/17 12:42 pm

Arrests in Cuba fail to prevent tribute to Oswaldo Payá and Harold ECE

Babalu: 07/21/17 10:56 am

When Mao shipped food to Cuba while millions of Chinese starved

Babalu: 07/21/17 09:20 am

Venenozuela’s death spiral intensifies

Babalu: 07/21/17 09:18 am

A chat with Alex Lyda about the situation in Cuba

Babalu: 07/20/17 10:59 pm

Thursday July 20: A chat with Alex Lyda about Cuba today……click to listen…. https://t.co/zKMpsQoH9S — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) July 21, 2017  

Assembly of the Cuban Resistance issues statement about ICCAS debacle at UM

Babalu: 07/20/17 05:12 pm

Severe water shortage in Havana does not affect tourists

Babalu: 07/20/17 03:26 pm

Photo of the day: “Masa carnica” (meaty mass) supplied by Castro, Inc.

Babalu: 07/20/17 01:01 pm


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