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A century of communism: 100 years. 100 million lives. Think twice.

Babalu: 11/21/17 05:01 pm

Remembering the victims of communism in Cuba: Wilman Villar Mendoza

Babalu: 11/21/17 03:01 pm

The U.S.-Cuba thaw: Whoa, horsey

Babalu: 11/21/17 01:01 pm

Via Guamá:

A year in Cuba after the death of dictator Fidel Castro

Babalu: 11/21/17 11:01 am

Tweet of the Day – Time to change Cuba’s image

Babalu: 11/21/17 09:30 am

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Cuba is at the center of security threats in Latin America

Babalu: 11/21/17 08:01 am

The free world’s fatal attraction to Marxism and socialism

Babalu: 11/20/17 05:01 pm

The hypocrisy of the Cuban left

Babalu: 11/20/17 03:01 pm

Fun Fact of the Day – A common Cuban saying is good exercise

Babalu: 11/20/17 01:01 pm

H/T We’re not yelling, we’re Cuban

Video of the Day – The real Havana Club Rum: ‘Don’t tell us we’re not Cuban’

Babalu: 11/20/17 11:01 am

Read more about this campaign at Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter.

Tampa City Council challenged by constituents after trip to apartheid Cuba

Babalu: 11/20/17 09:30 am

25 Ladies in White violently arrested by Castro State Security in another Sunday of repression in Cu

Babalu: 11/20/17 08:01 am

Sonic attack in Cuba’s political prisons?

Babalu: 11/19/17 06:00 pm

Remembering the victims of communism in Cuba: Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia

Babalu: 11/19/17 05:01 pm

Reports from Cuba: Without medicines and without ‘kindness’

Babalu: 11/19/17 03:01 pm

Photo of a Day – A toilet that can make your dreams a reality

Babalu: 11/19/17 01:01 pm

H/T Old Cuban Souls

Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship is in no position to pressure the U.S. into a trade deal

Babalu: 11/19/17 11:01 am

Life inside North Korea’s totalitarian state

Babalu: 11/19/17 09:54 am

Amb. Nikki Haley exposes Venezuela at UN, calls Cuban-controlled dictatorship a ‘violent narco

Babalu: 11/19/17 08:53 am

A much-needed history lesson on communism for millennials: What they need to know about the Sovi

Babalu: 11/18/17 05:01 pm


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