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Father Rutler: The Holy Trinity

Sunlit Uplands: 05/26/18 05:07 pm


Wolfe Reports: 05/26/18 04:26 pm

Caskey hit by shockingly contemptible political attack

Brad Warthen: 05/26/18 02:23 pm

Tweet This is one of the most unfair, unwarranted attacks on a political candidate I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of trash in my day. And in terms of showing contempt for the intelli...

震撼2穴FUCK!五十路越え熟女の雄叫び全中出し!! 初アナル 初2穴 凌辱さ

Wolfe Reports: 05/26/18 09:52 am


Wolfe Reports: 05/26/18 06:28 am


Wolfe Reports: 05/26/18 12:35 am

ふたばちゃん(18)女子○生 マジックミラー号 膣内洗浄により、スイッチ

Wolfe Reports: 05/25/18 10:45 pm

【VR】制服美少女と性交 VR 小枝成実

Wolfe Reports: 05/25/18 09:13 pm


Wolfe Reports: 05/25/18 09:05 pm


Wolfe Reports: 05/25/18 08:04 pm

Trump Card: North Korea Restates Desire for Talks After Trump Cancels Summit

Mike's America: 05/25/18 06:30 pm

This is how "Peace Through Strength" works!\n\n Obama Secretary of State John Kerry was so desperate for a deal with Iran that he would do anything to keep negotiations going. The Iranians k...

Alan Wilson Files Lawsuit To Block MOX Shutdown

FITS News: 05/25/18 04:14 pm

South Carolina attorney general Alan Wilson has filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking the federal government from shutting down the mixed oxide fuel (a.k.a. “MOX”) program at the Savannah Rive...

Letter: Clemson Responds To Racial Quota Story

FITS News: 05/25/18 03:25 pm

Dear Editor: I read your story today regarding Clemson University’s College of Science and the new faculty hiring process that is being finalized, and feel the need to offer a clarification. While C...

Laird Minor: SC Supreme Court Muffed Open Records Ruling

FITS News: 05/25/18 02:49 pm

"The citizens of South Carolina should be deeply concerned about this decision."

So, is anyone paying ANY attention to the races for governor?

Brad Warthen: 05/25/18 01:26 pm

TweetI sort of hesitate to post about the Democratic gubernatorial debate last night, since not one of y’all commented on the GOP one the night before. I wonder: What was the viewership of those...

#TrafficMaggedon: Evidence Builds Against SCDOT

FITS News: 05/25/18 10:09 am

Yet another report reveals the extent to which South Carolina's transportation agency has been hiding the truth ...

Clemson Using Racial Quotes For Faculty Recruitment, Hiring

FITS News: 05/25/18 08:12 am

One out of three new hires at school must be an "under-represented minority ..."

Amy Feinstein’s Southern Charm Recap: What Daufuskie?

FITS News: 05/24/18 08:42 pm

Thomas Ravenel's "Plan B" isn't panning out ...

#SC4: News, Notes & A Poll!

FITS News: 05/24/18 07:41 pm

A recap of what's happening in the Palmetto State's fourth district free-for-all ...

Open Thread for Thursday, May 24, 2018

Brad Warthen: 05/24/18 04:58 pm

Tweet Since I’ve only had two comments on my last five posts (anybody out there?), I wonder whether it’s worth the trouble. Oh, well, I guess that means I can say whatever I want w...


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