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Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 08:02 pm

The Perfect South Carolina Political Sign

FITS News: 03/28/17 08:00 pm

JESUS AND TAXES … We have no idea who David Royce is … nor do we particularly care who wins this week’s special election to fill a seat on Berkeley County, S.C. school district five...


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 07:36 pm


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 06:34 pm


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 04:20 pm

Five Points Keeps It Classy

FITS News: 03/28/17 04:10 pm

UBER CLASSY? We quit frequenting downtown Columbia, S.C.’s Five Points district years ago.  At least after dark. How come?  It just got too dangerous … We’ll still grab a random cu...


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 03:45 pm


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 03:31 pm

SC Marijuana Showdown Looms

FITS News: 03/28/17 03:03 pm

CANNABIS CONFLICT … The debate over legalizing medical marijuana is about to hit DEFCON 1 (a.k.a. “cocked pistol”).  Proponents of medical marijuana legalization are about ...

Some ‘no’ states reconsider expanding Medicaid

Brad Warthen: 03/28/17 01:22 pm

TweetThis is fascinating: Paul Ryan promised his donors yesterday that he will keep pushing to overhaul the health care system this year, despite his failure last week. But in the 19 states that never...

#ProbeGate: “Quinndom” Made Millions Off Confederate Submarine

FITS News: 03/28/17 12:43 pm

NON-PROFIT PADS POCKETS OF NEO-CONFEDERATE CONSULTANT … The hits, they keep-a-coming … A week ago this website did an exclusive report on yet another unfolding front assoc...

ビーチで逆ナンした男をつかって青姦で一発。ホテルのベッド上で一発 大

Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 12:31 pm

Another Floral Memorial After London Attack but Underlying Cause Remains Unchallenged

Mike's America: 03/28/17 11:43 am

Political correctness continues to kill!\n\nIn the wake of these mounting attacks in Europe you can count on two things: 1. There will be a very nice floral tribute where people will light candles and...


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 11:34 am


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 10:48 am


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 10:16 am

Huma Abedin Is Working Hard On Her Marriage

FITS News: 03/28/17 10:04 am

FEEL THE EMPOWERMENT, LIBERAL WOMEN … We believe in second chances. And third chances.  And maybe even fourth chances.  And far be it from us to tell somebody else how many chances they should...

The Timely Legacy Of Pug Ravenel

FITS News: 03/28/17 06:59 am

WHAT SOUTH CAROLINA SHOULD LEARN FROM LATE PROGRESSIVE ICON … The life and times of Pug Ravenel went down long before we entered the world of Palmetto politics.  In fact he reached his politi...


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 02:37 am


Wolfe Reports: 03/28/17 01:47 am


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