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#SCStateHouse: Nathan Ballentine Is In A Box

FITS News: 06/04/18 09:25 pm

Lawmaker owes voters an answer ...

#SC2018: Shade Thrown On Pat McKinney’s Story

FITS News: 06/04/18 04:51 pm

The real race for governor of South Carolina is not taking place this coming November.  Nor is it taking place in a likely “Republican” runoff election between beleaguered incumbent Henry...

Upheaval At Nikki Haley’s Charity Website

FITS News: 06/04/18 12:28 pm

The "Original Six Foundation" gets purged ...

John Courson resigns seat, pleads guilty. So NOW what?

Brad Warthen: 06/04/18 11:14 am

TweetSen. John Courson has entered a guilty plea and resigned his seat in the Senate. This is a sad day, as I — like most people who have interacted with him over the years — have always l...

#ProbeGate: John Courson Takes Plea Deal

FITS News: 06/04/18 09:17 am

South Carolina state senator John Courson has agreed to take a plea deal in connection with his role in the ongoing #ProbeGate investigation into corruption in state government, multiple sources have ...

Debra Russell: Standing Up To The Smear Machine

FITS News: 06/03/18 11:31 pm

Lexington, S.C. attorney fights back against disgraced solicitor ...

#SC2018: Homestretch Cash

FITS News: 06/03/18 01:43 pm

"C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all ..."

#SC2018: Palmetto Gubernatorial Polling

FITS News: 06/03/18 07:00 am

GOP race coming into focus ... Democratic race a mystery ...

Ave Verum Corpus - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sunlit Uplands: 06/03/18 04:00 am

Amazon sees me as a regular, action-oriented kinda guy

Brad Warthen: 06/02/18 09:12 pm

Tweet I got a kick out of this…. I found a new option on my Amazon account and clicked on something that said, “Brad’s Amazon.” That led me to category after category that Amaz...

Mary Berry's Country House Secrets - Highclere Castle

Sunlit Uplands: 06/02/18 06:52 pm

#SC2018: Marguerite Willis’ Unintelligible Voter Call

FITS News: 06/02/18 04:22 pm

We wrote recently about a tone-deaf television ad run by gubernatorial candidate Marguerite Willis – one of three Democrats seeking the top-of-the-ticket nomination for the Palm...

We made it! It wasn’t easy, was it?

Nathan's News: 06/02/18 05:45 am

After sharing devastating news with you weeks ago, I’m happy to report the Ballentine Chickfila re-opens Monday, June 4th, at 11 a.m!

4 District Five student’s receive National Merit Scholarships

Nathan's News: 06/02/18 05:30 am

IRMO – Four students from Lexington-Richland School District Five have earned National Merit Scholarships. Matthew Herbst (Dutch Fork High), Sanatana Reddy (Dutch Fork High), and...

Henry McMaster’s #PoolGate Comes Back To Haunt Him

FITS News: 06/01/18 03:47 pm

Governor (thrice) denies making comment his spokesman previously confirmed ...

All Smiles at White House in Extraordinary Meeting with North Korean Envoy

Mike's America: 06/01/18 02:57 pm

More positive signals that peace may be possible!\n\nFor those who enjoy the theater and drama of real events that actually matter (as opposed to the falsity of celebrity culture) today's ...

New school leaders for next year

Nathan's News: 06/01/18 01:19 pm

Our community is blessed with one of (if not THE) best school districts in the state! Below are links provided by the District’s Twitter account of newly named leaders for next year! Cha...

Chamber endorses 15 incumbents with primary opposition

Brad Warthen: 06/01/18 12:53 pm

TweetThe Chamber of Commerce is playing it safe — which doesn’t mean they’re not right about some of these endorsements: COLUMBIA, S.C. – The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce PA...

Alien Abduction Threats? SC Primary Goes Interstellar

FITS News: 06/01/18 12:51 pm

Dmitri Cherny – the socialist seeking the “Republican” nomination for South Carolina’s first congressional district (map) – desperately wants to be included in a ...

Catherine Templeton: What I Was Doing On Election Night In 2012

FITS News: 06/01/18 11:36 am

by CATHERINE TEMPLETON || ’Tis the season – I get that, and there will never be enough ink available to me to respond to all of the inaccuracies – or explain all the things tha...


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