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Republican Party of Arkansas Files FOI Request at Critical Left Leaning Blogger

Tolbert Report: 05/26/11 10:35 pm

As has been reported, this week Republican Party of Arkansas executive director Chase Dugger filed a Freedom of Information Request regarding the employment records of bloggers Matt Campbell and Jeff ...

Blue Hog Report Website is Down

Tolbert Report: 05/26/11 08:43 pm

Max Brantley notes that blogger Matt Campbell’s website Blue Hog Report has been pulled down.  Getting my facts and keeping my powder dry on this before saying too much.  It appears that the A...

Romney Iowa Spin – Vote for Me or Become Irrelevant

Tolbert Report: 05/26/11 02:56 pm

It looks like Mitt Romney is already putting out some spin through his surrogate on the Iowa Caucus which is about eight month away.  From today’s Politico… …Because what’s at sta...

Breitbart In the Rock: Harsh Words for Beck, Thoughts on 2012

Tolbert Report: 05/26/11 09:21 am

National conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart was in town yesterday for a lunch sponsored by KARN and Americans for Prosperity and took a few minutes to hang with some of local blogger riff raff.  A...

Sen. Harrelson Involved In Domestic Disturbance

Tolbert Report: 05/25/11 09:26 am

For sometime, the rumor at the state capitol has been that State Sen. Steve Harrelson (D-Texarkana) and his wife Lori were having martial problems.  But it appears these problems have gro...

Huckabee at Clinton School in Little Rock June 1

Tolbert Report: 05/24/11 02:01 pm

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee will be speaking at the Clinton School next week on June 1 at noon.  His topic is book “A Simple Government” which came out last February, although I would imagi...

Another Map…But Still Not THE Map

Tolbert Report: 05/24/11 09:29 am

The Board of Apportionment released another map yesterday.  This one shows how the House districts could be redrawn.  It nice to look at but I would not put a lot of stock in it.  It my belief the ...

Blanche Lincoln Goes to K Street

Tolbert Report: 05/23/11 01:26 pm

Anybody remember our former Sen. Blanche Lincoln?  Yeah, I know; it seems like eons ago to me too.  Today, law firm Alston & Bird announced they are hiring our former senator to be their “...

Secretary of State is Out on a Rope…Literally

Tolbert Report: 05/23/11 10:41 am

The buzz around the Secretary of State’s office right now is the planned retreat next week for some leadership training at the Soderquist’s GreyStone Estates.  The $54,500 plus expenses c...

Mitch Daniels Is Out

Tolbert Report: 05/22/11 09:08 am

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels announced in a midnight email (on the jump) to supporters that he would not be a candidate for the White House in 2012.  With all the Republican candidates droppin...

Explaining Biviano’s Political “Vendetta” Comment

Tolbert Report: 05/21/11 10:07 pm

By now you have probably read about State Rep. Mark Biviano (R-Searcy) fender bender in Little Rock on April 9, 2011. If not, the basic facts are that Biviano got into a minor accident pul...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-21

Tolbert Report: 05/21/11 11:07 am

Huckabee refers to the President as "Barack Hussein Obama" of Fox & Friends this morning # High level DC operative from potential 2012 opponant's campaign say they assume Huckabee wil...

BOA Director Addresses Democratic Caucus Meeting Today

Tolbert Report: 05/20/11 02:36 pm

A tipster this morning advised me that I might want to ask the director of the Board of Apportionment Joe Woodson, Jr. if he spoke to any Democratic groups today.  So being the intrepid blogger that ...

Snap Into a Slim Jim – Oh YEAH!

Tolbert Report: 05/20/11 01:39 pm

RIP Macho Man.  Gonna have to stop and get a Slim Jim today in his honor.

Policies on State Vehicle Use Vary Among Constitutional Offices

Tolbert Report: 05/20/11 09:54 am

Yesterday, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette followed up on a series of posts from Blue Hog Report with an article on the lack of record keeping by the Secretary of State’s office on their use of st...

Libertarian Party of Arkansas Files Paperwork to Form State Party

Tolbert Report: 05/18/11 02:04 pm

It looks like the Green Party  is going to get some company in the third party category as the Libertarian Party took one of the first steps in establishing themselves in Arkansas.  According to the...

McDaniels Praises FOI But Claims Exemption

Tolbert Report: 05/18/11 11:56 am

It looks like Attorney General Dustin McDaniel following the political tradition of  “do as I say and not as I do” in regards to FOI.  This morning in Jonesboro he is a featured speaker ...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-21

Tolbert Report: 05/18/11 11:07 am

Huckabee refers to the President as “Barack Hussein Obama” of Fox & Friends this morning # High level DC operative from potential 2012 opponant’s campaign say they assume Huckabe...

Gohmert and Breitbart Comming to Central Arkansas

Tolbert Report: 05/18/11 08:57 am

A couple conservatives and tea party favorites will be in central Arkansas in the next week that you might find interesting. On Saturday evening, Texas Republican Congressmen Louis Gohmert will be spe...

Brummett on Huckabee: “Thank You, God”

Tolbert Report: 05/17/11 08:27 am

John Brummett offers his take on Huckabee’s departure in a way that only Brummett can in his column today. The only news from Mike Huckabee’s predictably vintage political stunt Saturday night...


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