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Reports from Cuba: The fear of ’14yMedio’

Babalu: 11/18/17 03:01 pm

Amnesty International wants us to do what?

Babalu: 11/18/17 01:01 pm

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… ha, ha, ha, ha… I’m sorry… So tell me… What is it exactly Amnesty International wants us to do?” “The...

Cuba’s invasion of Venezuela: Castro regime is in control of the country and leading the repressio

Babalu: 11/18/17 11:01 am

North Korea turns to its communist ally and weapons supplier Cuba for support

Babalu: 11/18/17 09:41 am

Former Cuban political prisoners recount stories of being subjected to ‘sonic’ torture in Castro

Babalu: 11/18/17 08:31 am

Anti-racism activists embrace socialism, ignore the ideology’s genocidal bigotry

Babalu: 11/17/17 05:01 pm

Obama set out to punish Menendez over Cuba and Iran

Babalu: 11/17/17 04:30 pm

Reports from Cuba: Another ally falls: The siege against Robert Mugabe

Babalu: 11/17/17 03:01 pm

Happy # 84 Orlando Peña

Babalu: 11/17/17 02:00 pm

Driving in Miami: Not only do you have to deal with South Florida drivers, you have the tourists as

Babalu: 11/17/17 01:01 pm

Remembering the victims of communism in Cuba: The four Brothers to the Rescue pilots

Babalu: 11/17/17 11:01 am

Castro dictatorship is using ‘electroshock’ to torture political prisoners in Cuba

Babalu: 11/17/17 09:30 am

Congressional Hispanic Caucus refuses membership to Cuban American lawmaker Carlos Curbelo

Babalu: 11/17/17 08:01 am

Question of the Day – What is the phobia of communism called?

Babalu: 11/16/17 05:01 pm

H/T @markantro

Reports from Cuba: Vicious hate-crime attack on LGBTQ youth goes unpunished by Castro dictatorsh

Babalu: 11/16/17 03:01 pm

Mistrial declared for Cuban-American Sen. Bob Menendez

Babalu: 11/16/17 01:57 pm

Cuba’s simulation of their simulated elections

Babalu: 11/16/17 01:01 pm

Santana in El Nuevo Herald: “They’re going to do a simulation of the simulated elections.”

Cuba’s ‘medical missions’: Another name for slavery

Babalu: 11/16/17 11:01 am

Amnesty International: Castro dictatorship’s total control of job market ‘suffocating’ daily l

Babalu: 11/16/17 09:30 am

Apartheid Castro regime prohibits prominent Afro-Cuban dissident Antunez from leaving Cuba

Babalu: 11/16/17 08:01 am


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