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On this date in history, February 16th, 1959: Fidel Castro installed himself as dictator for life in

Babalu: 02/16/18 08:01 am

“La tremenda corte” or another liberal judge out of control

Babalu: 02/15/18 06:00 pm

Marriott International bows to pressure from communist China, apologizes for ‘wrongful Twitter lik

Babalu: 02/15/18 05:01 pm

Reports from Cuba: Cuban authorities confiscate all copies of a book about rap at the Havana Book Fa

Babalu: 02/15/18 03:01 pm

U.S. State Department issues Health Alert for all travelers to Cuba

Babalu: 02/15/18 02:04 pm

Who is the REAL Parkland High School Shooter Nikolas Cruz? (That’s NOT him with the Commie T&#

Babalu: 02/15/18 01:19 pm

Bellies in Cuba are full… of hunger

Babalu: 02/15/18 01:01 pm

Santana in El Nuevo Herald: “Are you full?” “Yes… of hunger.”

Marxist narco-terrorist group FARC cancels election campaign in Colombia after public pelts them

Babalu: 02/15/18 11:01 am

1898: Remember The Maine

Babalu: 02/15/18 09:30 am

Sonic attack update: Medical experts offer proof of neurological damage

Babalu: 02/15/18 08:01 am

Let them get their own advertisers

Babalu: 02/14/18 06:00 pm

Cuba after one year of the Trump administration

Babalu: 02/14/18 05:01 pm

Reports from Cuba: Elections and the future of the Cuban government

Babalu: 02/14/18 03:01 pm

Video of the Day – Only in Miami: The Flan Donut

Babalu: 02/14/18 01:01 pm

Trump on Human Rights: Damned by the left if he does and damned by the left if he doesn’t

Babalu: 02/14/18 11:01 am

Photo of the day: Cuba’s effect on Venezuela

Babalu: 02/14/18 10:58 am

Your Valentine’s Day card to Iran will be “returned to sender”

Babalu: 02/14/18 10:00 am

In Latin America’s Jurassic Park of dinosaur dictators, Cuba’s Castros are T-Rex

Babalu: 02/14/18 09:01 am

After continually failing to pay its loans, Cuba’s deadbeat Castro dictatorship offered debt relie

Babalu: 02/14/18 08:01 am

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Babalu: 02/14/18 07:02 am


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