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Polarized, Partisan Nation

FITS News: 02/17/18 03:31 pm

We’ve written previously regarding the “all in” polarization of our nation … and now there’s data to back it up. Sort of … A new Pew Research Center report reveals ...

Father Rutler: The Continuing Agony of Christ

Sunlit Uplands: 02/17/18 03:18 pm


Wolfe Reports: 02/17/18 12:18 pm

初撮り五十路妻ドキュメント 木内友美

Wolfe Reports: 02/17/18 11:47 am

#NukeGate: Shady Offline Negotiations Must Stop

FITS News: 02/17/18 11:31 am

More than perhaps any other lawmaker, fiscally liberal state senator Luke Rankin of Horry County, South Carolina bears direct responsibility for the now-notorious “Base Load Review Act.&#...


Wolfe Reports: 02/17/18 10:37 am


Wolfe Reports: 02/17/18 07:02 am


Wolfe Reports: 02/17/18 05:28 am


Wolfe Reports: 02/17/18 05:23 am


Wolfe Reports: 02/17/18 05:11 am

まんチラ誘惑 同級生のママ 椎名そら

Wolfe Reports: 02/17/18 05:05 am

Haven't You Wondered Who is Behind Online Left Wing Trolls? Special Counsel Should Investigate P

Mike's America: 02/16/18 05:16 pm

The Special Counsel should feel free to look at Mike's America and see if any of our left wing parrots are actually working for Putin!\n\n Haven't you ever wondered where some of these left wing...

Trump Haters Sure to be Disappointed: Special Prosecutor Indicts Russians, Describes Massive Online

Mike's America: 02/16/18 05:13 pm

It's time for Trump haters to invent some new form of anti-Trump hysteria. This big lie has been played out!\n\nHere we go. Russian influence in the 2016 election had nothing to do with Trump!...


Wolfe Reports: 02/16/18 04:31 pm

#ProbeGate: David Pascoe Files Appeal Of Rick Quinn Plea

FITS News: 02/16/18 02:32 pm

South Carolina first circuit solicitor David Pascoe filed an appeal late Friday urging circuit court judge Carmen Mullen to reconsider the controversial probationary sentence she imposed earlier th...

Florida School Shooting: FBI Hole Gets Deeper

FITS News: 02/16/18 01:35 pm

Yesterday we ran a story on the blame game associated with this week’s tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Specifically, we addressed reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation &#...

Another Donald Trump Affair, Payoff Alleged

FITS News: 02/16/18 01:20 pm

U.S. president Donald Trump is staring down another allegation involving an extramarital affair and a rumored pre-election payoff. According to a story published in The New Yorker early Friday mor...


Wolfe Reports: 02/16/18 01:11 pm


Wolfe Reports: 02/16/18 11:19 am

NextEra Makes Its Move

FITS News: 02/16/18 10:32 am

Florida-based NextEra Energy – in what sources describe as an increasingly desperate acquisition mode – is floating a trial balloon to purchase South Carolina’s debt-addled g...


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