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YEAH, baby! You’d better go STUDY UP, Aisha!

Brad Warthen: 06/01/18 11:18 am

Tweet For once, I didn’t totally embarrass myself on the Slate News Quiz — which, as you know from my constant whining about it, is timed and therefore tends to rattle me. Yes! Take a look...

Good for you, John Brennan…

Brad Warthen: 06/01/18 11:03 am

TweetI very much appreciated this column today from John Brennan, former director of Central Intelligence, headlined “I will speak out until integrity returns to the White House.” An exce...

Boeing: Union Beachhead Established In South Carolina

FITS News: 06/01/18 11:00 am

After losing a union election last year, organized labor was victorious this week at crony capitalist aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s sprawling, heavily taxpayer-subsidized North Charleston, Sout...

#SC2018: James Smith Rails On Donald Trump’s New Tariffs

FITS News: 06/01/18 09:56 am

Democratic frontrunner urges incumbent "Republican" to stand up to the president on trade ...

SC Gun Bust Video Raises Questions

FITS News: 06/01/18 08:21 am

Controversial 2015 raid back in the news ...

Amy Feinstein’s Southern Charm Recap: A Hilton Head-Ache

FITS News: 05/31/18 08:24 pm

#TRAshley invade yet another South Carolina barrier island ...

#SC2018: Catherine Templeton Gets Fifth District Endorsements

FITS News: 05/31/18 06:22 pm

Congressman Ralph Norman, state senator Wes Climer back "the Buzzsaw ..."

The ghost of Tom Wolfe in New Yorker editor’s early work

Brad Warthen: 05/31/18 05:20 pm

TweetI just sort of ran across this by accident the other day, and enjoyed discovering it. I was thinking about Daniel Patrick Mohnihan, someone I admired greatly. And for whatever reason, I was think...

#SC2018: John Warren Is Cocked And Ready To Fire

FITS News: 05/31/18 04:12 pm

Is GOP gubernatorial candidate preparing to unload on Catherine Templeton?


Wolfe Reports: 05/31/18 03:59 pm


Wolfe Reports: 05/31/18 02:11 pm

Shannon Pierce: On Money In Politics

FITS News: 05/31/18 01:43 pm

"It is possible to shift our mindsets when it comes to campaigning ..."

Better and Safer Roads are Happening Now

Nathan's News: 05/31/18 01:33 pm

This week I sent this mail piece to the district. If you did not receive a copy, please click on each photo to enlarge for more details.

Open Thread for Thursday, May 31, 2018

Brad Warthen: 05/31/18 01:07 pm

Tweet A few topics you might have interest in talking about: Trump imposes tariffs on closest allies, Mexico and Europe announce retaliation — Hey, if it’s stupid, pointless, malicious and...

Greenville Sheriff’s Investigation: Solicitor Gets Involved

FITS News: 05/31/18 12:55 pm

South Carolina sixteenth circuit solicitor Kevin Brackett paid a personal visit to the Greenville County, S.C. law enforcement center this week, multiple sources familiar with the situation told this ...

Charges Filed In Death Of South Carolina Toddler

FITS News: 05/31/18 11:49 am

More coming ...

SC Fifth Circuit Bombshell About To Detonate

FITS News: 05/31/18 10:53 am

Dan Johnson saga about to jump to a higher energy level ...


Wolfe Reports: 05/31/18 10:37 am

Coincidence of the day: ‘Lovergirl’

Brad Warthen: 05/31/18 10:28 am

Tweet Yeah, I know it’s probably not really a coincidence, but simply a matter of my brain being alert to something, but it impressed me when it happened. Last night, I was catching up on this w...

Columbia TV Station Calls #SC2018 Elections Early

FITS News: 05/31/18 08:00 am



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