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#NukeGate: Santee Cooper Documents Subpoenaed, Too

FITS News: 09/21/17 10:09 am

Federal investigation ensnares state-owned utility, too ...

Tom Rice Rakes In SCANA Cash

FITS News: 09/21/17 09:59 am

Congressman's contributions scrutinized amid #NukeGate debacle ...

GOP Tax Bill Coming Wednesday

FITS News: 09/21/17 09:21 am

"Republicans" try once again to cut taxes ...

#NukeGate: SCANA Confirms Federal Investigation

FITS News: 09/21/17 08:32 am

Company acknowledges federal request for "broad range of documents" related to failed nuclear power project ...

#SouthernCharm: Shep Rose Isn’t Signed, Either

FITS News: 09/21/17 07:38 am

Fifth season contracts still in limbo ...

#NukeGate: Feds Eyeing Stock Portfolios

FITS News: 09/21/17 07:15 am

Did failed nuclear project illegally enrich "insider informed" shareholders?


Wolfe Reports: 09/21/17 03:21 am

親父の再婚相手は俺の元カノ 松雪かなえ

Wolfe Reports: 09/21/17 03:14 am

オナニー盗撮 漫画喫茶でこっそりオマンコいじる娘

Wolfe Reports: 09/20/17 07:19 pm

Dominica is still incommunicado

Brad Warthen: 09/20/17 04:44 pm

Tweet At the very bottom of The New York Times story about Puerto Rico being without power is this paragraph: Maria had battered the island nation of Dominica a day earlier. Prime Minister Skerrit des...

‘The Vietnam War,’ Episode Three: ‘The River Styx’

Brad Warthen: 09/20/17 03:37 pm

Tweet There are a lot of things I don’t understand about the war in Vietnam, and I’ve been hoping Ken Burns’ new series would help me sort out. One is North Vietnam’s complica...

夫の遺影の前で犯されて、気が狂うほど絶頂した私。 最上ゆり子

Wolfe Reports: 09/20/17 03:06 pm

Greenwood Fireman’s Association Arrest

FITS News: 09/20/17 02:52 pm

Treasurer busted for alleged breach of trust ...

女のイク瞬間 マンコ刺激され即絶頂する女たち

Wolfe Reports: 09/20/17 02:08 pm

Myrtle Beach SC Push Poll Makes Waves

FITS News: 09/20/17 02:07 pm

A controversial telephone “push poll” broadcast to voters last Friday is making waves in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – where the incumbent mayor is battling a pair of challengers &#...

KKK questions in the 5th grade, and the ‘virtues of slavery’

Brad Warthen: 09/20/17 12:38 pm

TweetWell, we’re in The New York Times again. This time it’s for asking a bit much of 5th-graders in Irmo: “You are a member of the K.K.K.,” the fifth-grade homework assignment...

#NeverTrumpers Raising Money For Anti-Donald Documentary

FITS News: 09/20/17 12:24 pm

The "independent conservative" establishment strikes again ...

#NukeGate: Federal Involvement

FITS News: 09/20/17 11:19 am

Federal agents are investigating South Carolina's spectacularly failed government intervention in the energy industry ...

Another Democrat who apparently can’t afford a razor

Brad Warthen: 09/20/17 10:52 am

Tweet   I had to smile at this. Remember I told you about that OZY profile of Jaime Harrison, in which I was quoted again noting that I’ll believe Democrats are serious about winning a cong...


Wolfe Reports: 09/20/17 10:08 am


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